It is well known that happy employees enjoy going to work and bringing new ideas into projects. They are motivated and more resilient. They value sharing time with the working colleagues and are more efficient. They identify themselves with their job and increase the productivity and power of the company.

Employees all over around the world do not just want to do a job that allows them to pay the bills at the end of the month, provide for their houses and take care of their children. Most of them want to have a “mission”, a vocation and purpose in life, an “Ikigai”, as the Japanese culture will called and defined as “one’s reason for which you wake up in the morning”. 

After all, most of the world’s population (58%) spend one-third of their adult life at work contributing actively to the development and well-being of them-selves and of society. (WHO Global Strategy for Health). Would not be better hence to spend all those hours in a calm, productive and fulfilling environment?

Not only are happier employees proven to be less ill but also to be more inspire in their work atmospheres. Countless experts have used representative surveys to prove that satisfied employees also lead to better operational results.

“Happy employees lead to happy customers. Happy customers lead to happy shareholders”, Simon Sinek, Author and consultant

Here are some of the factors that contribute to make employees happy and satisfied:

1.     Open communication and dialogue

Employees appreciate and highly value when they are “seen” by their employers and they can freely express their opinions on diverse topics and be heard. ”Open communication enables mutual understanding. It creates compromises, but also the acceptance that not everything is always possible”, affirms the co-founder of Corporate Happiness Dr. Oliver Haas about happy employees.


2.     Deciding power

Autonomy - employees who are allowed and enabled to decide things by themselves are usually more engaged than someone who only executes orders. All staff members should have influence in their work to live up to their full potential. It is not enough “to be told” what to do. Ideally, you want members in the team to see that the goals they are pursuing have real value and they made the decisions themselves. Motivation and personal satisfaction comes from that.


3.     Receiving feedback

Often praise in a constructive way. It is important to show the employees that you value their dedication and hard work. As someone deals with achievements meet deadlines, and succeed in projects; expressing positive feedback it’s prove of appreciation towards the employee and his performance. Praise sincerely and as close to the action as possible.


4.     Positive relationships

A healthy work environment strengthens and motivates an entire workforce. When employees communicate well, cooperate and know they can rely on each other in a safe place, the whole team is receiving that energy and positive attitude. Make employee satisfaction a priority.


5.     Cooperative and empathetic leaders

Good leaders will care about their employees’ wellbeing, life-work balance and empathize with them in every possible opportunity. Trust and genuine awareness to being concerned for the human being itself, not just to their output. It is about listening to understand. Every employee wishes an environment in which they will feel safe enough to say: “I don’t know what I am doing”.


6.     Being themselves

When people are being themselves the company is growing and expanding its ethical culture. Some of the benefits of acting from a place of authenticity are multiple: psychological safety, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, ownership and even vulnerability raises.



About the author: Rossana A. Ammann

Rossana is a Venezuelan journalist specialized in storytelling, social media strategy and corporate communications. She is passionate about multiculturalism, people’s stories and supporting employee and organizational development. You can find her work and stay in contact with her via LinkedIn


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