After almost 6 years at WeAct, co-founder Christian Kaufmann has decided to leave his operational role at the organisation and assume a more strategic advisor role, while also pursuing new adventures and challenges. In this blog post, he explains his decision and recaps his experiences.


After nearly six years at WeAct, it’s with a combination of excitement and sadness that I have decided to transition from my operational role into a purely strategic one at WeAct. Still inspired by our mission and with full faith in our remarkable team, I’ll remain an active supporter. Under the shared leadership of our core team (Irene, Riccardo, Samuel and Emina), I strongly believe that the organization’s best days are ahead.

After some soul searching I decided for this transition for two reasons: On the one hand I’m yearning for a new adventure and on the other hand this team has everything it needs to carry our vision forward.

Need for change

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Having grown up changing countries every 3-5 years due to my fathers profession, it is quite special that my involvement with WeAct has led me to stay the longest in one place. After graduating from my master’s, WeAct has been my life and blood and during the last 6 years I have put all my energy into helping it grow to where it is today.  This has filled me with immense pride for all that we have achieved until today. At the same time I feel like there are many other opportunities that I left untouched because of my focus for WeAct. I feel it is time to go out into the world and explore these options and clarify on which one i’ll devote my energies next.


WeAct team will continue our important work

Last year, WeAct took the strategic decision to expand our current We Act Challenge offering in order to reach more people and enable long term behaviour change. Our team will be developing a new continuous and format available for the general public (stay tuned for more information). I have no doubt that the current and new members of the WeAct team have the skills and motivation to make this organisation flourish and it is with much excitement that I will continue to support them from an advisory role in reaching the next milestones.

With a smile on my face and tears in my eyes


Besides the pursuit of meaningful work, what I will miss most is the daily interaction with my team. From my previous workexperiences, I always looked for a working environment that shared the same values as myself: purpose driven, collaboration, flexibility and a genuine care for the collective gain rather than personal gain.  At WeAct we were able to shape such an environment which has been a source of immense joy and satisfaction. We found connection in supporting one another through personal struggles. And we found trust in each other in the times we were collectively challenged. It was seeing the way each member of my team showed up, even in those most trying of moments, that allows me to say this with utter conviction: This organization is in the best of hands.

Through our work, I am grateful to have been a part of this journey for six years of touching and influencing people to commit to making an active contribution to the future we want to see and now it is time to find my next challenge.


About the Author: Christian Kaufmann


Christian is co-founder and board member at WeAct. His passion lies in creating impact and communicating to his audience in a succinct and visually compelling manner. Stay in contact with Christian via LinkedIn and with WeAct through our Newsletter.