Challenge topics – matching current trends

In accordance with your sustainability strategy, the challenge can be designed around one or a variety of topics. A gameified team competitions with your organisation is an ideal tool to sensitise, inform and mobilise employees and foster sustainable behaviour. Likewise, employer identification and branding becomes increasingly important to employees that want to shape a society that is fit for the future.

Challenge-specific actions

Each challenge entails 15 to 40 actions which are being executed by individuals and teams. The participants choose their own goals and track their progress on the platform. For some challenges, the actions are predefined by WeAct, for others Customers are free to choose from our comprehensive library of existing actions. If needed, we collaborate with clients to develop entirely new actions and contents that are tailored towards the client organisation’s features and sustainability strategy.

Examples for topic-specific actions


  • Ergonomics check
  • Team sports
  • Drinking enough water
  • Eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Do more that 10’000 steps per day
  • Breathing exercises


  • Standing and walking meetings
  • Get to know each other
  • Celebrate team successes
  • Vegetarian team lunch
  • Provide positive feedback


  • Disconnect devices from the grid
  • Stairs over elevators
  • Business trips with bicycle
  • Reusable dish for take away meals
  • Avoid plastic bags
  • Video conference rather than travelling
  • Plan environment-friendly holidays

Home office challenge

Support your staff while working remotely in areas such as: Remote working skills, exercise/motion, diet, mindfulness and collaboration.

Examples for topic-specific actions:

  • Setup work place
  • Plan and reflect work day / schedule
  • Take conscious breaks
  • Stretching / yoga
  • List positive things
  • Manage expectations for collaboration

Your employees benefit from hands-on resources to cope with the current challenges faced. We help to establish a positive dialogue with your staff and create an efficient and yet appreciative corporate culture even when working remotely.

Effectively embody sustainability topics

WeAct’s underlying impact mechanisms gamification, learning by doing and team dynamics help to mobilise, sensitise and inform the participants for sustainability issues.