Mode of action and procedure

After completing a challenge, the participants are mobilised, sensitised and informed. To accomplish that goal, the WeAct platform was built on the ground of these three core principles:


The playful approach followed in our challenges allows for easy examination of new topics. We leverage this psychological mechanism on our platform to foster fun and boost motivation while educating participants and boosting their engagement. 

Learning by Doing

Sustainable behaviour change requires continuous application of what you have learnt. Thanks to our action-oriented challenges, the participants recognise the immediate effect of their actions, therefore embodying these relationships in the long-term.  

Team Dynamics

Participants conquer the challenge in teams. In joint actions, team chats etc., the challenge becomes a team event and contributes to the overall work climate.

Course of a challenge

Ablauf: Anmelden, Team gründen, Ziele setzen, Aktionen machen, Erfolge sehen, Preise gewinnen, Impact weiterführen

During the pre-challenge (1-3 weeks), the teams prepare for the challenge: formation of teams, discovering the platform and set personal goals. During the main challenge (2-4 weeks), the participants perform actions – be it individually or as a team –, report them to the platform and monitor their impact achieved together with their organisation. Prize raffles at the end of a challenge are a fun way to celebrate those successes!

Comic: Team building
Comic: Set goals
Comic: vegetarian lunch
Comic: Participate in a video conference
Comic: take the train instead of the car
Comic: celebrate success and team spirit

Based on our tried and trusted platform

The WeAct platform is available for both desktops and mobile devices. Participants can access the challenge from anywhere, anytime.