The WeAct solution: virtual team competitions to foster sustainable behaviour change

Sustainability begins with our very own behaviour. And for your corporate sustainability strategy to work, your employees need to understand and live it each and every day. However, how can employees be motivated to work on such a broad topic that is often outside of their comfort zone?

In a WeAct Challenge, your employees collaborate in teams to shape their daily lives (privat and work) more sustainably using hands-on resources, tips and tricks.

Key Facts:

  • Positive impact on corporate by gameified challenge
  • Internet-based (browser and app) team competition with custom branding possible
  • Focus on a variety of topics such as sustainability, well-being, productivity and team work
  • 2 to 4 weeks duration
  • Choice of 5 to 15 actions per week
  • Multi-lingual platform and contents (German, French, Italian and English)
  • CO₂ savings are calculated for individuals, teams and the entire organisation
  • Evaluation report and impact metrics (3 surveys)
  • New content and features can be developed in collaboration with customers

With WeAct, your employees are systematically sensitised, mobilised, informed and engaged.

A positive impact on all levels

Everything comes together… Individuals need to rely on a working team, while teams interact with the entire organisation: A good organisation provides the ideal environment for teams, whereas team quality drives successful organisations. Likewise, society shapes our planet that – in return – serves as the basis for our living. All layers are interconnected and contribute to a sustainable system.

Individuum: gesund, motiviert, resilient, kreativ – Team: win-win, gutes Klima, Spass, Zusammenarbeit – Organisation: nachhaltig, gerecht, zukunftsfähig, flexibel, verantwortungsbewusst – Planet: sauber, schöner Ort zu leben, diverse Natur, selbstregenerierend

This becomes more and more evident to both organisations and employees. They recognise their responsibility and the need to act upon it. For that very reason, our WeAct Challenges center around all three levels: the individual, the team and the entire organisation.

Tailored to your strategy

In accordance with your sustainability strategy, we’ll customize the challenges to your needs and design the contents around key areas like mobility, waste, SDGs, etc.