The WeAct platform

We’ll tailor our platform to your specific needs (contents, dates, single sign-on login, multilingual, corporate design etc.) and offer a range of tools for monitoring of a challenge and impact evaluation. A variety of reward mechanisms (badges, raffles etc.) can be enabled to further engage participants.

Platform and access

  • Digital platform with gamification support for your employees in their daily lives
  • 24/7 access with desktop (browser), mobile apps (iOS and Android) and browser
  • Optional log-in via corporate accounts (SAML single sign-on)
  • Multilingual frontend and contents (German, French, Italian and English)
  • Optional implementation of corporate design on the platform
  • Customisation of contents and features for your particular needs

Duration and start

Pre-challenge (1-3 weeks) – Challenge (2-4 weeks)
Pre-challenge (1-3 weeks): Sign up, invite others, create a team – Challenge (2-4 weeks): set goals, first survey, perform actions, monitor success, second survey – … (after challenge / 6 months later): download certificate, prize raffle, third and final survey
  • Duration and kick-off can be defined arbitrarily. Most challenges last between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • Multi-annual challenges with alternating focus of topics ensure continuous employee engagement with corporate sustainability strategy
  • Prior to the start of the challenge, there is a sign-up phase (pre-challenge) where participants can register and create teams (more about the course of a challenge)
  • Pre-challenge actions help participants to get to know the platform and prepare for the challenge

Impact evaluation

  • Two participant surveys at the begin and end of the challenge
  • Third and final survey 6 months later to assess stickiness of the behavioural change
  • After the challenge, you’ll receive an evaluation report about the KPIs of the challenge
  • For specific actions, we’ll calculate the CO₂ savings
  • A success page shows the progress on the level of the participant, the team, organisational units and the entire organisation over the course of the challenge

Project management and monitoring

Chart: Actions entered by date
  • Project management by WeAct for a successful Challenge based on years of experiences
  • Free communication toolkit with templates and examples for your internal communication
  • Virtual dashboard for admin user of your organisation (to monitor the challenge)

Reward mechanisms

  • Awards and other gamification elements keep participants motivated and engaged (more about impact mechanisms)
  • Employees can participate as an individual or together in teams
  • Varying action types (daily vs. unique, team vs. individual, quizzes etc.) keep motivation high
  • Challenge certificate at the end of the challenge available
  • Prize raffles: the platform supports automated prize drawing
  • Success page, rivals page and leader board help participants to measure and compare their progress
  • Challenge blog and ideation tools enable participants to exchange experiences and interact with each other throughout the challenge
  • Team events and team chats to increase engagement

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