Since the beginnings of WeAct, more than 168 organisations with over 18 000 participants did over 1 million actions and saved more than 240 tons of CO₂.

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A non-exhaustive list of customers from the education sector:

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«The platform is highly professional and easy to understand. The balanced actions guide the teams step by step through complex topics. It’s interesting to see that sustainability lends itself to a competition format and how employees have fun with it. Unbelievable, but sustainability can be sexy! It is valuable how collaboration and communication are actively promoted during the challenge.»

Urs von Arx
CEO of HHM Group

«Working with WeAct has been a real pleasure. We used their platform for our Valrhon’Act challenge during sustainability week and I have been amazed to see how enthusiastic employees were about the challenge. Using the competition factor really helped to engage people and the challenge has been a huge internal success. It helped us embed sustainability internally and I deeply recommend the experience and the team.»

Carole Seignovert
Responsable RSE / Head of CR

«WeAct supported and inspired us in developing an employee engagement program for sustainable action. It’s made up of good on-site communication measures and a tailor-made online platform including a picture competition.»

Res Witschi
Head Corporate Responsibility

«The digital employee engagement program by WeAct was a terrific addition to our sustainability week and motivated our employees for eco-friendly and social actions.»

Regula Schenkel-Luthiger
Head Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility
AXA Winterthur

«The sustainability competition for employees by WeAct engaged Kuoni staff from 25 countries over the course of 3 weeks in trying sustainable actions. Over 650 participants gained valuable knowledge about sustainability as well as its importance for Kuoni and demonstrated their team work in numerous actions.»

Matthias Leisinger
Head of Corporate Responsibility

«As part of a group-wide endeavour to foster awareness and improve internal sustainability performance, 149 employees actively participated over 6 week in one of WeAct’s team challenges. As part of that, participants were able to try eco-friendly behaviour in a playful way which even led to further discussions with people not actively participating. Three quarters of the participants were exited to participate in another challenge.»

Dr. Stéphanie Engels
Head of business development and sustainability
Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich (EWZ)

«Together with WeAct, we successfully created and implemented the Energy Efficiency Challenge at ETH Zurich. The gamified approach to inspire people for sustainable action worked very well in the academic context. Within three weeks, a total of 35’000 actions were performed on the platform. That’s very impressive!»

Dr. Dominik Brem
Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Umwelt (SGU) – Bereichsleiter Umwelt
ETH Zürich

«With the ‹BLS Nachhaltigkeitsparkour›, we were able to establish sustainability within the company in a playful way. Almost 60 teams engaged over three weeks in actions related to energy, mobility, health and team spirit at their work place. The participants were enabled to reflect heir own behaviour, connect themselves within the organisation and perform activities together. Three quarters would therefore participate again.»

Antje Simon

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