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WeAct develops innovative & interactive engagement programs to promote sustainability, health and cooperation within organizations. We support companies, universities and schools in achieving behavioral change with enthusiasm. With us you promote:

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To develop a meaning driven corporate culture and empower employees to shape the future.

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To increase productivity, health and satisfaction of your employees.

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To foster a positive team spirit and better collaboration between departments.


Discover new ways to engage your employees for change

Changing long-term behavior is difficult - simply imparting knowledge usually does not drive change. WeAct has developed an innovative and fun approach, that motivates people to try out new activities and train better habits. With our team competition format powered by the WeAct online platform and app people are playfully introduced to new topics and can practice new behavior patterns.  

How does a team competition work?

Participants join the team competition as members of a team and collect virtual points on the WeAct online platform by performing predefined actions in real life. The activities can be compared both within a team and with other teams. The aim of the participants is to achieve their self-defined objectives with their team. Participation is rewarded with prizes or a charitable donation. 

Why does our approach work?

WeAct's approach was developed based on scientific knowledge of behavior change. We work with global leaders, such as Global Action Plan International, with over 25 years of experience in sustainable behavior change.

WeAct's solutions reach people rationally and emotionally, through three core principles:



Learning through personal experience is the best way to learn. During the process, one asks questions and addresses new issues that were previously considered unimportant.



We are social beings: we are influenced by others and can achieve more within a team than alone. We use group dynamics to enable self-organized bottom-up changes.



Having fun is one of the strongest motivations for people. We use the "Fun Theory", playful approaches and gamification elements to support people throughout the learning and behavioral change processes.

OUR customers

We work with leading companies, schools and universities

" Working with WeAct has been a real pleasure. We used their platform for our Valrhon'Act Challenge during the European Sustainability Week and I have been amazed to see how enthusiastic employees were about the Challenge. Using the competition factor really helped to engage people and the challenge has been a huge internal success. It helped us embed sustainability internally and I deeply recommend the experience and the team. "

- Carole Seignovert, Head of CR at Valrhona


We offer solutions for organizations of any size

We Act Challenge 2019

Customized WE ACT Challenge

With an internal team challenge, companies can drive change forward with enthusiasm. We have successfully organized over 20 Challenges with more than 6'000 participants from all over the world. Organizations can either choose a specific impact area:

  • health promotion

  • sustainability integration

  • fostering team cooperation

Or design a company specific gamified awareness campaign. Get in touch to learn how we could shape a better future with fun together.

SWISS we Act Challenge

In the Switzerland-wide We Act Challenge employee teams from different organizations compete against each other to improve sustainability and personal wellbeing. This format is particularly suitable for SMEs and administrations, but also for teams from large corporations. The next We Act Challenge will take place in September 2019 with the focus on improving health on a personal, environmental and enterprise-level.

Curious to learn more?

Contact us at +41 (0)44 515 04 75 or info@weact.ch.

We look forward to hearing from you.